Margo Price proves she’s worth the hype (and then some) on ‘Weakness’

Country songwriter Margo Price proved she was a force to be reckoned with after releasing “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter,” her achingly profound 2016 debut record.

Her songs are bruised and boozy, weary and resilient, never flinching in staring down personal demons and gut wrenching memories. She proved on her debut LP that’s she just as wise as she is feisty, never afraid to throw barbs at the country music establishment that overlooked her for nearly a decade.

Price, however, is most definitely getting the last laugh. Her debut record, one of the best in 2016, was the first country album released on Jack White’s Third Man Records. The autobiographical tale saw Price turn the ugliest chapters of her life, the trauma of losing a child, even having to spend weekends in the Davidson County Jail, into bold, genre-affirming country gems..

Price dropped a new four-song EP “Weakness” Beyonce style on July 27, delivering a small collection of songs that cements her status as country music’s coolest voice.

“Sometimes I’m Virginia Woolf  / Sometimes i’m James Dean,” Price sings on “Weakness,”  arguably her catchiest line to date.

The four new songs prove Price is hardly a tribute artist attempting to emulate a golden era when Loretta Lynn, George Jones and Tammy Wynette voices ruled airwaves. Price’s has an uncanny ability in turning ugly memories into nuanced emotional landscapes that heal and empower.






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