Eva Ross releases haunting debut EP ‘Lose’ 

Songwriter Eva Ross unveiled “Lose,” her official debut EP this week. The seven-track release is sinister and sensual as Ross stares down toxic relationships, fending off self-doubt and the troubling malaise of adulthood.

The EP’s stark imagery finds Ross lying on her “back just to practice what it will feel like when I die”. She finds solace in locking herself in the bathroom where she stares at herself through a mirror of self-doubt. The EP is heavy, but a catharsic release and empowering manifesto.

Her voice is fragile and scorned as she details emotional abuse and losing a romance because of her lover’s drug addiction.

“I’m not sure I want to exist if I don’t have the will to choose, which memories I’ll keep or I will lose,” Ross admits on “Lose”.

“Don’t want heaven, don’t want a rapture, I don’t want to rest in peace, just want time, time to stand still,” Ross sings, her voice aching.

EP standout “Go On” finds Ross shooting blanks right back at the darkness haunting her.

“Go on with your bad habits” Ross sings, arguably the EP’s most infectious line.

The 23 year old songwriter has been based out of Nashville for a year but is leaving for Brooklyn this week.

In a video for “Black Shade” Ross sits at the bottom of an abandoned swimming pool. The suburban decay juxtaposes the rotted  romance she paints a painfully ornate picture of.

“I want other people that are maybe feeling it or haven’t felt it, I want to help them work through it,” she said.

Ross’ goal is that her honesty will resonate, help someone else make sense of their tangled youth.

“I just want them to feel anything. I think so much of the world is numb to a lot of emotions,” Ross said.


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