LISTEN: Rose Hotel debuts single ‘Honestly’

Jordan Reynolds spent much of her youth collaborating, the 24-year-old a key cog in the indie dream pop produced by Bowling Green’s Buffalo Rodeo.

A slew of promising releases spawned DIY tours in college towns and metropolitan areas across the United States, but a proper LP never culminated.

Rose Hotel has existed, even as just a small figment in Reynolds’ mind, for at least a couple years.

The project has origins as an outlet for songs and ideas that got shelved in Buffalo Rodeo. Her sharp observations examine the fragile nature of relationships, the awkward and painful journey of watching the lust of youth fade into the stern realities of adulthood. Her lyrics sear with the honesty and urgency of 3 a.m. iPhone notes, the kind of morning after meditations that are scribbled onto the back of receipts. The wisdom you cling to when the muse disappears .

Today Reynolds unveiled single “Honestly,” the first track from Rose Hotel’s EP “Always A Good Reason” due out in August on Fir Trade Records. The song is tinged with classic country influences, Reynolds’ pure voice drenched in three-chords-and-the-truth authenticity. It plays like song you’d find browsing the radio dial in the 1970s, somewhere between Nixon and Reagan. Back when the voices of Emmylou Harris and Joni Mitchell cut through the hiss of A.M. static.

The song is penned to “a man that’s losing too,” her wise and weary lyrics an exercise in acceptance and knowing when it’s time to go.

“A woman’s only half her words and half what she decides to do,” Reynolds sings.

Reynolds plays Tidball’s tonight, sharing the bill with The Reneaus and Bendigo Fletcher. Doors are at 10 p.m.

10:45 – Bendigo Fletcher
11: 30 – Rose Hotel
12:15 – The Reneaus





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