Waxahatchee debuts single from forthcoming record ‘Out In The Storm’, LISTEN to “Silver”

Indie pop genius, poetic Birmingham, Ala. native and Philly resident Katie Crutchfield released today the first single from her fourth official record as Waxahatchee.

“Silver” brims with the the lyrical brilliance that has defined her songbook and garnered her a cult following. Sonically, it strays from the dark moods that defined her seminal releases “American Weekend” and 2013’s coming of age masterpiece “Cerulean Salt”.

The dreamy single finds Crutchfield confident as ever, her undeniable southern swagger oozing in every frame of the music video–a trippy visual that finds her galavanting through urban side streets, crooning from the depths of a dimly lit basement.

“I’ll portray the old shag carpet / You can walk all over me,” she sings.

“Out In The Storm” is due July 14 on Merge Records.


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