Teem drops new song ‘Afterglow’

Teem, the collaborative solo project of Nashville-based musician Tony Smith, unveiled a new track today.

“Afterglow,” the third official release from Teem, was originally penned in 2015 to a figment of Smith’s imagination.

“I guess it was more of a if I loved someone, this is what I would want to say to them,” Smith said.

Nearly two years later, the former Sleeper Agent frontman has since fallen in love and the song has evolved accordingly.

Lively electronic sounds contrast with introspective, at times heavy-hearted lyrics that depict a nuanced portrait of battling manic depression.

Smith details the vicious cycle of living with manic highs and lows, from his racing mind he can’t unwind as he endures another sleepless night to the mounting tumults that threaten to damage his closest relationship.

“As I draw the blinds you pull back the sheets / We hide behind our false sense of security,” he laments.

“Afterglow” mines mental illness for fodder, but avoids sounding like an attempt to channel a tormented Elliott Smith ballad. Instead, the song more closely mirrors the sentiments outlined in Rilo Kiley’s poetic manifesto of fending off melancholy “Better Son/Daughter,” .  Smith basks in the fleeting flickers of light that offer a reprieve when day-to-day living becomes too cumbersome. The song is an anthem for the moments when doubt hovers darkly, when the wreckage of our failures threaten to drag us under. A troubled mind can’t fully erase the images burned into its memory. Prescription medicines, exercise and therapy make symptoms more manageable, but don’t offer a cure. The unspoken support of a partner, however, coupled with knowing you won’t be abandoned when your illness undoubtedly returns may be the most powerful salve of all.  The rarest, too.

“I’ll go where you go, If we’re down and out / Or soaking up the afterglow,” Smith sings.

Check out an interview with Tony Smith below.


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