WATCH: Seek’s 2017 NPR Music Tiny Desk Music Contest submission 

Bowling Green’s Seek has joined thousands of musicians across the country  who have entered NPR Music’s 2017 Tiny Desk Contest. Watch the band’s submission, a rendition of their lively track “Green Grass,” below.

Is this the band’s first NPR Music Tiny Desk contest submission? Why did you feel compelled to enter this year?

This is our first year entering. Last year was the first year I heard about it and we kinda felt it was unobtainable. This year, we’re trying to be more confident and appreciate our art and put ourselves out there more. It’s one thing to say yes to a gig and it’s another to take the time to prepare for, and enter a contest. 

In 2016 we did 2 songwriting challenges and it was a good experience for us overall, and we figured a national competition would be a fun way to take ourselves a little more seriously. 

Is “Green Grass” a new song? Why did you guys pick that one for the contest? Feel like it’s the band’s strongest track?
“Green Grass,” has had words to it for a while now, but we didn’t feel that the music was there to back it up. With the addition of Blake, Jordy and Hayden we felt it finally meant something.

We picked it because it grabs you right away and really showcases our sound overall. Strongest track, not really. Just best choice for this.

Who shot the band’s video submission?

Christian Reed shot it for us on my iPhone 6 and an app called FilMic, with some fun clip on lenses including a macro, wide angle and fisheye. In one night. 

Are you guys based in BG? How would you describe the band’s sound? Is there a Celtic influence?

We live in Bowling Green and have since 2014. We do consider this place home and have no intentions on leaving. 

Our sound…. that’s a tricky one. Nick (singer, my husband) is definitely a rock singer. I am classically trained on the clarinet and it was Nick’s idea for us to do this. I have a Klezmer music background. It’s basically Jewish folk music. (See: YouTube klezmer song) the rest of the band are parts of neighbor love and black bloods 


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