Ghost Effects drops dreamy debut LP ‘You Can Always Find Me Here’

Bowling Green four-piece Ghost Effects released their debut LP “You Can Always Find Me Here” on Dec. 9, 2016. Drawing from influences ranging from shoegaze, kraut rock and ambient soundscapes, the result is a compelling collection of songs that sounds unlike anything the Bowling Green music scene has produced of late.

One the album’s most striking tracks “Blue By You,” recalls the euphoric distortion of My Bloody Valentine’s seminal shoegaze masterpiece, 1991’s Loveless.

Ghost Effects is comprised (left to right) of drummer Daniel Peach, guitarist Trey Bartley, frontman Jarred Halcomb and bassist Logan Newby.

Check out an interview with GFX frontman Jarred Halcomb below.

“You Can Always Find Me Here” is Ghost Effects’ first album (or is it an EP?) to date, right? Can you talk about the process of writing and recording the album? Was it done over a relatively short period of time or was it more of a drawn out, agonizing over every detail kind of thing? Did you write most of these songs in 2016? Proud of the final product?

YCAFMH is our debut LP after a short string of single releases. We recorded and produced the album ourselves in quick bursts between May and November of 2016. Creating and compiling the record ourselves was very painstaking yet satisfying. It was very important to us, and a definite goal from the outset , to “do-it-ourselves” in as much a way as we feasibly could. In that respect we are very proud of the result. It sounds like us and is a faithful document of us as a band.

I can hear tinges of tinges of Shoegaze in your sound  Am I off on that? Can you talk about any particular songwriters, bands or eras in music that you were specifically influenced by throughout the creation of “You Can Always Find Me Here”?

Shoegaze was definitely a primary influence on the album, stylistically. A lot of mid range saturation that gives the listener a kind of buzzy, head swimming kind of experience. Between the four of us we have a pretty varied set of influences though that I think are represented on the album. Prog elements indebted to John Whetton or Chris Squire or the stylistic influences of Neil Young and Johnny Marr. A lot of Factory bands and 80’s acts like the Jesus and Mary Chain or Siouxsie and the Banshees. Kraut rock like Cluster and ambient works by Eno. Consciously or otherwise I think there was a sense of debt owed to these influences that is reflected in the mood and production of the album.

The music video for “Communion” is very striking and really seems to match the mood of the track. Why did you feel compelled to release that song as a music video first? Is that one of the song’s you are most proud of? Was that video all shot in Bowling Green?

Daniel Peach, our drummer, shot and edited the video to “Communion” himself. It was shot in the basement beneath our old practice space, where much of the album was recorded and produced. It was really important to us to have the sensual and mysterious quality of the song reflected as a visual companion piece to the album. It was a long time since our last single was released. We stopped playing shows much and had been holed up working on the album for a while so it made sense to show people what we had been up to in the meantime. I think “Communion” is most representative of the vibe of the album, the culmination of ideas and work that had been put into it. It was a natural choice to share that with people as their first impression of the work as a whole.

Ghost Effects sounds unlike anything else in the BG music scene at the moment. Do you feel a connection or a sense of camaraderie with other bands in BG?

We have been very fortunate and are very grateful to have greats friends that make great music in our community. It’s a very diverse scene but we’ve played with some very talented local acts like Porchlord, Cigarette Smoke, Billy the Droid, the Cartoons, Astronomy Club, etc. Bowling Green is an exciting place to experience the talents of young and up and coming artists and musicians. We’re very proud to be a part of it.

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2017? Plans to tour regionally?

We’re currently putting material together for a Spring release. Whether that materializes as an EP or the next full length we want to keep the momentum going, sharing our music with our community and new ears. We’d love to tour in support of the album so that’s definitely on the table. Folks can check us out for updates and new music via our Facebook and our Bandcamp page. We’ve got merch available and physical copies of the LP for sale at our shows! We love to see new and friendly faces so we invite everybody to come share the experience with us. XO.


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