Astronomy Club debuts ambitious full-length ‘Technicolor Room’

14368775_1164621213623418_6147190332715978376_nAstronomy Club, Bowling Green’s up-and-coming psych rockers, released their debut record “Technicolor Room” today.
The ambitious 11-track release draws heavily from 1960s and 1970s era psychedelia and is arguably the best record from any Bowling Green act in 2016.
Album standouts ‘Technicolor Room’ and “The World Disappears” (the latter a reworking of a song that appeared on Astronomy Club’s 2015 EP) are sounds of a band that is confidently coming into its own.
Read an interview below with Astronomy Club frontman Dylan Graves. He talks about inspiration for “Technicolor Room’, his favorite cuts from the record, influences and more.
Talk about the recording process for “Technicolor Room”, how long did it take to put it all together? Where did you record it? What does it feel like to finally put it out there?
Dylan Graves: We wrote the songs together starting in december of 2015. We practiced to get them all polished up how we like and then hit the studio early this September. Our good pal Nathaniel Davis provided the space, equipment, and brains to make it all happen. It is most definitely a great feeling now that it is out and other people can finally hear what we’ve been up to this year!
Who comprises Astronomy Club?
Dylan Graves: Astronomy Club is Sara Benyo on backup vocals and rhythm guitar, Titus Smith on drums, Justin Hull on bass, Anthony Joiner on keys, and I play lead guitar and sing.
Is there a song you are most proud of on the record?
Dylan Graves: The songs that have the most sentiment to me personally are ones like “Everyone’s Aware” or “One Big Shelter”.
I love the way you’ve reworked “The World Disappears” and “Captain Obvious” from your first EP. When did you realize you wanted to put those on the record. Did you feel like they didn’t reach their full potential on the initial EP?
Dylan Graves: The reason for re-recording those 2 ep songs is that we weren’t really content with the production style after hearing it back for so long. We wanted to revamp them and make them reflect who we are more basically.
Now that you have a record out, what’s next? What are your goals moving forward. Do you hope to start booking a tour soon?
Dylan Graves: Now that the record is out the goal is definitely to play out and get this album some exposure in places that are foreign to us. Booking a tour will definitely be something to expect from us next year.
Were you responsible for all the lyrical content? Or was that a collaborative effort?
Dylan Graves: I definitely wrote mostly all of the lyrics, but pretty instantly after doing so, I would ask each member what they thought and when everyone was on the same page we would stick with it.
Were you influenced by any other acts in the BG music scene during the process of creating this? Or were you more interested in making your own mark, in terms of crafting a sound that was different than what has been represented in BG previously?
Dylan Graves: We definitely didn’t really gain any inspiration from local acts. We started visiting Nashville and Louisville a lot more often and discovering lots of really good music that way, be it from local acts there or traveling bigger names. These were the most inspirational artists for us during our writing for this album.
Can you just touch on bands, musicians, records, etc that were influential during the period when you were writing and recording?

Dylan Graves: Old Artists: Velvet Underground, The Association, Seals and Crofts, The Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Iron Butterfly, Steely Dan

 New Artists: My Morning Jacket, Mystic Braves, The Growlers, Mild High Club, Beach House, Alex Calder, Sunflower Bean, The Clientele

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