Astronomy Club releases single ‘Technicolor Room’ from upcoming record

Bowling Green indie psych rockers Astronomy Club quickly became a band to keep your eyes peeled for last summer, much thanks to a catchy self-titled EP that skillfully captured teenage lust and aimlessness.
Astronomy Club is on the heels of releasing a proper full-length. Today, they released a trippy gem “Technicolor Room,” the first single from their upcoming album of the same name. The band draws from a slew of 1960s and 1970s psychedelic rock influences, but they aren’t simply a tribute band to an era of acid trips and hippie counterculture.
“Past era songwriters that inspire the sound are groups like The Monkees, The Velvet Underground, Seals and Crofts, Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane and Strawberry Alarm Clock,” frontman Dylan Graves said. “We also pull a lot of inspiration from garage and indie rock/pop stuff like Beach House, DIIV, The Growlers, TOPS, and Mild High Club.”
“Technicolor Room” cements Graves as one of Bowling Green’s most promising new indie voices. Switching from a giddy, upbeat psychedelic sound to a more sinister soundscape towards the end of the (3:40) track Graves proclaims, “All the people come and go, all passing in their time/All the while we look past ways to push back all the grime.”
Graves, given the divisive nature of the current political climate, said he believes it’s as important as ever to create. “I look at it as modern counterculture against all the violence and hate we experience right here today,” he said. “The fuel behind my passion in music is the message of the psychedelic era and counterculture of the 60s. It was all of the young people saying no more to a generation preoccupied by war and fear. We need that presence in our modern society just as badly as we needed it in this era.”



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  1. Super Cool! Here’s wishing them all the” Best Of Luck”. I love the musical sounds that they make and I hope they have many, many, more creative years together! M Bignault

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