Pocket Fever debuts single “A.I.P”

Bowling Green’s Pocket Fever, formerly known as All Deeds Done, dropped single “A.I.P.” in October. The uplifting tune at times conjures 80s synth-pop soundscapes and marks a significant change in direction for the band.

Frontman Lucas Loyd started the project a little over three years ago with Alex Loyd and Parker Hanna. Lucas said the band’s change in sound and lyrical content stems from a desire to craft songs that strongly resonate with live audiences.

“Pocket Fever is definitely the new us,” he said. “Not just in the songs and sounds, but the personality of the band and the friendship behind it. We want to pick people up rather than bring them down. A lot of inspiration for the new music comes from a place of positivity and love rather than heartbreak and loneliness.”

Loyd said Pocket Fever will spend the upcoming fall and winter months concocting their debut release, an EP or potentially a full-length depending on progress . In the interim, the band plans to release a new song each month.

“With the process of making music always comes the doubt and fear that it won’t have longevity and will eventually fade,” Loyd said. “We are constantly rewriting and digging up the ideas that get overlooked and forgotten.”



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