rose hotel debuts music video for ‘Worries’

rose hotel, the side project of Buffalo Rodeo singer and keyboardist Jordan Reynolds, released a compelling visual for song “Worries” today. 

The introspective track touches on the pangs of growing up with the vividness of a diary entry, as Reynolds attempts to catch her breath amid the relentless anxieties that play in her mind. 

“Spending each day stoned out in a haze and longing for the things to say / How I feel like I’m slowly fading away, a phantom of my younger days,” she laments. 

The video, shot by videographer Cody Duncum, features Reynolds in front of a projector, black and white family photos flashing on the screen between close-up shots of the Buffalo Rodeo songstress. 

Reynolds said it’s the first of two videos she’s completed and will release for her debut EP ‘flowers by the window”. 

“I’ve never really been a visual artist so it’s brand new for me,” she said. “Working with Cody has helped me see those possibilities so much more. Honestly, being on camera makes me super uncomfortable and I don’t really like looking at myself on video, so it’s kind of a challenge I’m trying to overcome and be more okay with that. This video specifically is so honest, no hair or makeup or special lighting or anything, and being that honest in a medium like video where it’s all right in front of your eyes is terrifying to me by also exactly what I want to do.”

Reynolds has taken her “flowers by the window,” EP, which she released in May, off bandcamp. The promising EP was recorded over this past winter with Scott Gardner when Reynolds was enduring major life changes. Now, in retrospect, Reynolds looks to go in a different direction with rose hotel.

“I’m proud of these but I realize I see rose hotel taking a different direction, one I’m still not even 100% sure of where yet, but I think ‘flowers by the window’ was meant to be a snapshot in time but not a long-lasting representation of the project,” Reynolds said.

“Plus, I’m trying to learn about growth and evolving and letting go of things, and letting go of the EP (at least as far as having it online) felt like the right thing to do. I still love the song and I’m super happy with the video Cody made, so I’ll let a couple of them live on YouTube and that be it.”


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