A q&a with Boston’s Bat House, cosmic rock band makes stop in BG June 7

Cosmic rock band Bat House, who call Boston, Mass. home, will make a stop in Bowling Green June 7 at the FFOYA House as part of summer tour that will touch parts of the southeast and east coast.

The psychedelic quartet has been together for about two years now. Through two releases on Bandcamp, Bat House has developed a knack for crafting heavy, yet dreamy soundscapes. A proper LP will be due this summer.

BatHousePromo07Most recent release “Patterns” weaves through complex, alluring rhythmic structures. The effect is trance-like as the the track reaches the apex “Colorblind but I see the colors in my head,” Emmet Hayes, bassist and vocalist, sings.




Below is an interview with Bat House. They dish on the “vibrant and diverse” music scene they call home, nightmarish gigs and more.


Who comprises Bat House?

Emmet Hayes – Bass / Vocals

Ally Juleen – Guitar

Shane Blank – Guitar

Nicole Pompei – Drums

Where is the band located? Describe the music scene you are part of?

Boston. Boston’s music scene is vibrant and diverse musically. Similar to many other bands in the community, we originated in basements and underground rehearsal spaces. There are a lot of bands in Boston making incredible music. We’ve become great friends with musicians in our community and our biggest musical influences stem from our friends.

How would you describe the band’s sound in one sentence?

Taste the rainbow.

How long has the band been together?

About two years now.

Discuss major influences?

We take most of influence from non musical facets such as:

Miyazaki films. The elements. The rainbow. Have you tasted it yet? Clouds. Kilgore Trout. Ghouls. Nebula. Terrariums. Quasars.

First time playing in Bowling Green? What can attendees expect from the live show?

This is our first time in Bowling Green. Attendees can expect hair, skin, bones, 8 eyes, 40 fingers. 224 phalanges in total! Perhaps a song or two.

Most memorable experience playing with Bat House thus far?

We recently played a barcade in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. There were 5 shows booked for the same room! Normally, this would have been a nightmare. Luckily, we were with some of our best friends from Boston in a band called Sports. We had made some new friends from Minneapolis in a band called Falling. They were added to the show after meeting them in Akron the week prior.

We had about an hour to cram 4 bands sets in so the other events that night would have their ration of time. One of the events was a prom party of sorts, so there were a lot of people unaware of the impending ‘rock’ music.

Falling’s heavy dose of feedback booming throughout the hall cleared the unsuspecting spectators. The only people moving about were waiters carrying pizzas and people in prom garb, all traveling via a path directly in the band’s performance space from the patio to the bar. Things just got more absurd from there with Sports. set played at triple speed and members of Bat House flinging themselves about the floor.

Us three bands as a musical force collectively ripped the gig.

We capped the night with a three band date at Perkins.

Talk about the releases the band has put out thus far? Just recordings on bandcamp? Or more?

Our first EP ‘ghosts’ was written underneath Boston in a rehearsal space and recorded in our basement in Allston.

Our good friend Brandon Hafetz tackled one of our songs for a school project at Berklee. Brandon runs Fitz Ross Productions, a non-profit company from Boston that creates unique live videos for local bands and up and coming artists. He produced and mixed the single ‘Twist’ we have up on our bandcamp.

When we left for tour, we put out the single for our record, which is ‘Patterns’ as a revamped version. That (along with the record) was recorded partly at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio and partly in our Boston basement. It’s streaming over on the Deli Magazine!

Currently we’re working on our LP, which will be coming out later this summer. We’re in the final stages of mixing that.

Plans for releasing new music in 2016? What are the bands goals for the remainder of the year?

We’ll be releasing our self-titled LP later in the summer. Our plans for the remainder of the year including hitting the road again, writing new music, and searching for the Death Star blueprints.

Discuss the band’s name. Origin? Do you feel sonically that your band’s music matches with the title?

Shane’s from Florida and his grandparents lived in the keys. When he was a kid his grandpa used to take his family out to an abandoned tower that was built in the early 1900s to attract bats in hopes of cutting down the overbearing mosquito population in the Keys- but the house ended up being a total failure. The house remains in the middle of a large field off the highway.

The band name does particularly hint at what we might sound like. It’s more of just a name.

What musicians/ albums have you been struck by in 2016?

“…After the Fact” by Hit Home

“Blackstar” by David Bowie

“Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac

“Haha Sound” by Broadcast


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