rose hotel debuts dreamy, introspective EP ‘Flowers By The Window”

rose hotel, the side project of Buffalo Rodeo songstress Jordan Reynolds, released debut EP ‘Flowers By The Window” today.

Reynolds’ voice is tranquil, her poetic lyrics introspective and wise throughout the course of the four song EP.

“Follow Me,” the lead single from the EP is reminiscent of Buffalo Rodeo’s dreamy soundscapes, but features a confessional lyrical style.

 “Will I follow you when the tide comes through / All your dreams will come true, just nothing that you knew,” she coos over lilting jangle.

Moody EP closer “Mystery,” plays like a personal diary entry being sung out loud.

“I’ll go out alone and I’ll go out alone alive,” Reynolds sings confidently.

12729324_952928278133921_7270819363751072284_n.jpgThe track sounds like an outtake from Angel Olsen’s searing 2014 album “Burn Your Fire For No Witness.”

“These eyes ain’t yours anymore,” she repeats at the track’s climax, recalling Stevie Nicks.

‘Flowers By The Window” is available for download here:




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