Atlanta psychedelic trio CHEW drops EP, plays Tidball’s May 20

Brett Reagan (guitar/electronics), Snare-uh Wilson (drums) and Brandon Pittman (bass) comprise CHEW, an experimental rock band from Atlanta, Ga.

The trio creates a “hypnotic, electronic, spacewave” experience by pairing sampler and analog synth with live instrumentation.

After releasing a series of demos on their bandcamp page, CHEW dropped 3D EP, their debut effort, today.

Atlanta psychedelic experimental rock trio CHEW released 3D EP, their debut effort, today. CHEW plays Tidball’s in Bowling Green May 20. Photo courtesy CHEW

“We’re super psyched,” Reagan said. “We have some awesome art work and a couple new songs that no one has heard before. It’s definitely an adventure, spanning a lot of different sounds.”

Each member of CHEW was been involved in a slew of other bands in the Atlanta music scene, including Blazers–an improvisational psychedelic group they all perform in.

“We’ve all kind of know each other from different projects living in Atlanta,” Reagan said. “Our other projects were ending and we wanted to fill those gaps.”

Reagan said his previous projects were geared towards a “heavy, angrier side” and said that though some of CHEW’s material reaches similar territory, it comes from a different place.

“It’s not an aggressive heavy, it’s stoner metal stuff,” Wilson said.

Reagan said CHEW is just under a year old, but have toured the the southeast extensively, including a trip to SXSW this year in Austin and gigs in New York City and Miami.

“My favorite shows are when we just do pop-ups in the street, street performances,” Wilson said. “So many people are just walking the streets. It’s always a good time, a wild experience.”

CHEW makes their first visit to Bowling Green May 20, playing Tidball’s with Bowling Green americana gothic act Former Friends of Young Americans and local math rock outfit YEAH DUDE.


May 20 – Bowling Green, KY @ Tidball’s
May 21 – Lexington, KY @ Big Hair HQ
June 4 – Carrollton, GA @ Alley Cat
June 23 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Druid City Brewing (EARLY SHOW)
June 23 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Egans (LATE NIGHT SHOW)
July 13 – Milwaukee, WI @ Frank’s Power Plant
July 17 – Denver, CO @ Lost Lake
July 23 – Knoxville, TN @ Preservation Pub




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