Astronomy Club frontman creates solo project Dingan, hear synthy single ‘Hazy’

Dylan Graves demonstrated a knack for penning catchy songs about teenage love and aimlessness on Astronomy Club’s 2015 self-titled debut EP. Graves, the frontman for the Bowling Green indie psych outfit, has created a new project entitled Dingan. Armed with just an $80 Casio CZ101 synth he snagged from a craigslist posting and a tambourine, the 18-year-old creates an alluring, foggy debut single. Listen to “Hazy” below.


When did you start Dingan?

I started Dingan literally the date that “Hazy” was released. I threw that song together in about 4 or 5 hours and felt inspired to keep making the lofi tracks on the side. 

Is it just a creative outlet for songs that don’t necessarily fit the aesthetic/sound of Astronomy Club?

I’d say that, yes, it is definitely a personal creative outlet to keep my ideas from being limited.

Talk about your plans/expectations for this project?

My plans and expectations for this specific project will simply be to provide people with some free tunes while gaining experience and growing as far as production and songwriting goes.

What influences did you draw from for Dingan?

My influences for this project are definitely artists like Ariel Pink, John Maus, The Cure, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, etc.

Talk about your songwriting process for this project. Do you come up with lyrics first?

My songwriting process so far has been me making an instrumental with good structure, then write the full set of lyrics before recording all parts back to back. That’s what seems to work on a personal level. So far, “Hazy” is the only track i have put out, but I do plan on releasing more when I catch a break from everything else.


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