BEST MUSIC OF 2015: Buffalo Rodeo’s dreamy EP ‘123 Water’

Buffalo Rodeo performs at the 2015 Big To Do Music Festival in Oakland, Kentucky.

Back in February I wrote about Buffalo Rodeo’s “Blue Sky,” the first single due from their EP “123 Water”. Roughly 11 months later the song, and EP, are still in rotation for me on almost a daily basis. No doubt, I have a tendency to wax poetic about music created from Bowling Green natives (feel free to read about it here:, but this EP was a coming out of sorts the indie psych rockers. No, it’s not just my assessment, Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz seems to be in agreement.


Lead singer Zach Preston supplies pure vocals and cements himself as one of Bowling Green’s best songwriters on the EP.

Keyboardist and vocalist Jordan Reynolds’s vocals bring to mind Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick or Fleetwood Mac songstress Stevie Nick. When paired with Preston’s, the effect is intoxicating. A trip if you will.

On dreamy gem “Blue Sky”, easily one of the catchiest songs I encountered all year, the quartet conjures late 60s era psychedelic gold.

“123 Water” is drenched in infectious melodies and obscure lyrics. The band uses seemingly mundane Bible Belt archetypes (“a preacher filled father with mystery” / a complacent teacher who “fears following a fantasy”) as a lens to create a mysterious, arcane soundscape.

“I still think I want to run and play with fire, I won’t wake the sun up in my dreamland / All the little girlies in the mezzanine they form a foreseen aunt dormancy and I,” Preston and Reynolds coo.

The band is also bolstered by the talents of guitarist Nate Davis and bassist Patrick Duncan, in addition to drummer Ryan Gilbert.

Buffalo Rodeo has become a fixture not only in the few bars in Bowling Green, but in a slew of venues in country music’s capital, Nashville, just about 65 miles south.

The quintet demonstrates they are hardly riding the wave Bowing Green’s Grammy-nominated rockers Cage The Elephant created for the town’s alternative music scene. Hopefully 2016 will bring Buffalo Rodeo’s first proper full-length. Go hide out in a warehouse already.



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