BEST ALBUMS OF 2015: All Dogs are scrappy, resilient on debut full-length ‘That Kind of Girl’


Columbus, Ohio punk quartet All Dogs have a penchant for penning confessional songs that make you feel like you’re being let in on a secret. Lead singer Maryn Jones flexed her songwriting acumen on a pair of 2013 releases, painting blurry portraits of a not so distant adolescence.  “You will always be my home, my friend / I know and you know that things aren’t the same/ But that doesn’t matter, things just change,” Jones admits to an old friend on “Buddy”, lamenting the pangs of growing up and growing apart.

The pop-punk outfit released their debut full length “That Kind of Girl” in 2015, delivering 10 infectious, resilient tracks that find Jones coping with unrelenting depression in brutally honest lyrical fashion.

On “Skin,” she grapples with the void left by an  old lover, maintaining “every darkness I push through/ There is a quiet familiar feeling/ And in it I am always waiting for everything to fall/ Just like I always make it so.”

Title track and album standout “That Kind of Girl,” is a dizzying head rush, pairing euphoric riffs with burning rage.

“And I know that I’m always fucking up your world/You were better off not messing with that kind of girl,” Jones screeches with intoxicating belligerence, smarting from an ex’s vitriolic assessment of her.

Jones acknowledges the destructive toll her mental illness takes on her psyche and those she holds near.  The song captures the struggle of simply trying to stay afloat from day to day.

“I am underneath the water, kicking every day,” she admits in the record’s rawest moment.




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