Buffalo Rodeo releases dreamy single ‘Blue Sky’, EP ‘123 Water’ out March 6



Buffalo Rodeo has shown glimpses of becoming the latest indie darlings to emerge from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“Blue Sky” the first single from forthcoming EP “123 Water” finds the quintet coming into its own.

Buffalo Rodeo has shown a penchant for covering Fleetwood Mac at live performances, but “Blue Sky” evokes 1960s era psychedelic rock.

When Zach Preston and Jordan Reynolds harmonize, the effect is intoxicating. A trip if you will.

Lyrics like “I still think I wanna run and play with fire/ I won’t wake the sun up in my dream land/All the little girlies in the mezzanine they form/A foreseen aunt dormancy and I” sound like they belong on an undiscovered Doors B-side.

Check out “Blue Sky” here:

“123 Water”, an homage to the warehouse where Buffalo Rodeo concocted their latest EP, will be available March 6 on CD. The band expects to have “123 Water” on vinyl in April/May.





Talk about the title of the EP “123 Water”. An homage to where you spent time holed up in Horse Cave making this EP? What was that experience like? Have you guys always gone to the warehouse, or was that a new approach?

BR: 123 Water is actually just the address to our warehouse/workspace that we’ve kinda made our second home in Horse Cave. This is the first batch of songs that we’ve wrote at the warehouse. We had a friend, Trey Rosenkampff help us record it just before Christmas in 2014. It has been a new approach to our writing and recording process and we really just feel lucky to have a place that we can completely isolate ourselves from the world with enough room to not get tired of each other, you know. The warehouse is an insane place though, its like this gigantic dusty adult jungle gym, that happens to be a perfect reverb tank for our instruments and recording gear. But i think the kind people of Horse Cave have started to get used to us so we feel at home there now.

Talk about what listeners can expect sonically and thematically with your newest release? How long have you guys been working on this EP?

BR: Some of these songs have been in progress for a year or so now, but its been nice to get the chance to perfect how we want to sound and how we want them to sound on the record. With this recording we definitely approached it completely different sonically. We wanted to be more direct as far as keeping our focus on the songs instead of the sounds. Well more just picking our favorite sounds and tones and sticking with them so the song has room to shine. I think people will see how far we’ve come in just two years we’ve made some big steps in a totally different direction but it feels really natural to us.

What were the influences for this record? I hear tinges of 1960s era psychedelic rock (Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, etc).. am I off on that assumption?

BR:  I think we have been impacted by the kind of new revival of psychedelic music thats popped up but i think the bands from the 60s and 70s like Pink Floyd and The Doors have always held a special place in our hearts. I think we’re just now getting good enough to make the sounds we like, which do resemble those vintage sounding styles.

What are Buffalo Rodeo’s goals for 2015?

BR: As far as the rest of the year, were really just looking to tour as much as we can and hopefully squeeze out some more music on the way. We’re already a little used to the time lines in the music industry so were just looking forward to playing shows and writing as much music as we can so we’re ready when they’re ready for us.


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