Best Coast and Company Bring Beachy Vibes Down South

I’ve been horrible at updating this blog (which I had very lofty intentions for). To be fair, I’ve been tied up working for student publications at WKU and have been doing an internship with the Beech Tree News in Morgantown, Kentucky since May.

The blog originally had a scope of focusing on primarily music that comes out of Bowling Green, Ky and the surrounding area. However, I’m going to broaden my horizons and include music anywhere that tickles my fancy. Trust, there will still be plenty posts focusing on the blossoming Bowling Green music scene.

The last show I attended was Best Coast’s gig 5/29 at Exit/In in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been anxiously anticipating a Nashville show from Best Coast for years. Their 2010 album Crazy For You was a sunny, vintage-ode to beachy California pop and forlorn emotions any hormonal teenager (or 30 yr old for that matter) could identify with. It was a soundtrack to multiple lonesome summers of weed smoking and angsty self-exploration for myself. It’s one of those albums that will forever be in my 6-disc CD changer.

The Lovely Bad Things, a band I had come across a few months before (especially love their tune “I Want You to Go Away”, link for the video is below.) opened. An act entitled Bully played for them prior. I hadn’t heard of them previously but really enjoyed their sound and lead singer Alicia Bonganno.  Each band on the billing hailed from California and each had a hazy, angsty vibe I so often pine to hear from Best Coast.

Both opening acts put on excellent sets, though the heavy collection of instagram-snapping, vine-taking teenagers were not as involved as they ought. However, once Consentino hit the stage the crowd became much more lively. Several failed crowd-surfing attempts ensued (a Best Coast show wouldn’t be the show I would assume such behavior would occur) but Consentino’s stage presence and sense of humor (multiple finger-banging joke references) kept the show rolling and entertaining. Consentino opened with much of her material that got her buzzed on the national scene three summers ago and eased into newer material. Overall a great show and was happy to live out my hope of seeing the California duo again (saw them at Bonnaroo in ’11..those I was in a bit of a haze..) Consentino did manage to forgot a few lyrics to her most recognizable tune “Boyfriend”, but that was likely due to the round of jager bombs prior to her encore. The band is working on new music set to be released this year.



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