Top 5 songs of 2011 by Bowling Green bands

2011 was a banner year for the Bowling Green music scene. 

Cage The Elephant and Morning Teleportation made waves nationally with their albums “Thank You Happy Birthday” and “Expanding Anyway”. Meanwhile, Sleeper Agent burst onto the national scene with their debut “Celebrasion”.

Check out my podcast below where I countdown the top 5 songs of 2011 by Bowling Green bands. 

Don’t have time to check the podcast out? Here are the Top 5.

5. “All the Same”-Buffalo Rodeo

With a sound reminiscent of Kings of Leon, this band fronted by WKU freshman Zach Preston is well on their way to make a splash nationally. 

4. “Eyes The Same”-Morning Teleportation

These psychedelic rockers take listeners on a ride with beautiful lyrics and a dream-like sound that’s hard to resist.

3. “Love Blood”-Sleeper Agent

The band’s infectious, energetic sound is at display here. The chemistry between Tony Smith and Alex Kandel is pure music bliss as they quip back and forth about love.

2. “Cystalline”-Morning Teleportation

With heartfelt vocals and a roller-coaster sounds, this tune will be stuck in your head for days.

1. “Shake Me Down”-Cage The Elephant

Matt Shultz and Co. have helped pave the way for the Bowling Green music scene. The reason for their buzz is evident in this nostalgic punk song about life’s many depressing aspects. However, as Shultz sings in the chorus, he “keeps his eyes fixed on the sun”.


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