An interview with Buffalo Rodeo


photo courtesy Buffalo Rodeo’s Facebook page.

Buffalo Rodeo is a Bowling Green band composed of four Western Kentucky University freshmen. They have started to garner quite a bit of attention in the local music scene after releasing their second album, Wanderers, and playing a slew of shows in Bowling Green and Nashville.

The band formed in high school and note King of Leon and The Arcade Fire as major influences, among many others.

Buffalo Rodeo plans to release their new EP this month, which was recorded at Greyskull Recordings with Rory Willis.

I talked to lead vocalist and front man Zach Preston about the band’s experiences so far and much more. Check out the entire interview below.

How did the band form? How long have you known each other?

We started out I would just go over to Nate’s (guitarist) house and kinda jam and learn covers and then I was like “hey my best friend, Ryan, is a drummer” and we brought him over and started getting a little more serious about it, learning more covers and started to write our own songs. Later on we added David (bassist) to complete the band.

Me and Ryan have known each other since elementary school, and we met Nate and Dave in high school. Nate and Dave have know each other since elementary school as well.

How would you describe the band’s sound?

I would describe our sound as Progressive reverb delay indie rock with sweet bass lines.

Who are the band’s biggest music influences?


Our biggest influences are Kings of Leon, Mars Volta, BTBAM, arcade fire, and many more.

Any cool/strange experiences thus far performing?

A girl broke a bottle over another girl’s head and started a fight during our first song at one of our gigs. I guess that would have to be the most bizarre things that has happened to us so far. Oh and at one of our gigs at the Twisted Tap, Matt Shultz had to fill in for Nate’s guitar strap during a whole song. That was pretty cool.

What’s the coolest venue the band has been able to play?

The coolest venue we have been able to play is probably Mercy Lounge, it was a great environment with tons of great bands and the sound was incredible.


Planning to release any new music this year?

Yes our new EP will come out at the end of February, maybe early march, which was recorded at Greyskull Recordings with Rory Willis.

The Bowling Green music scene has really blossomed in the past couple years. Do you think the success of other bands has given the band additional confidence to pursue your musical dreams?

Yes for sure. We kinda started right as a lot of local bands started to gain national and worldwide success so it gave us great confidence and opened our eyes to the possibilities that may lie ahead.

Listen to Buffalo Rodeo’s EP Wanderers on their bandcamp page here:

Like Buffalo Rodeo’s band page, which is nearing 1000 likes, on Facebook here:


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