Getting to know Bowling Green’s finest music venues

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Bowling Green features numerous music venues that have been influential in allowing many local bands to showcase their talent.

If you’re new to Bowling Green or are not very familiar with the many venues around town, allow me to introduce you.

1. The Capitol Arts Center

Originally built in 1890, the Capitol has showcased lots of talent since its opening in 1981. Bowling Green rock band Cage the Elephant and country artist Corey Smith have played the venue in recent years. Check out the Capitol’s website here:

2. Tidball’s

Tidball’s is Bowling Green’s premier music venue. The bar, located downtown, is known for hosting up-and-coming indie rock talent. Cage the Elephant played their first ever show at this venue, then under the moniker Perfect Confusion. Open Monday through Saturday, then bar features live music nearly every day of the week. This venue is strictly 21+. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming shows here:

3. The Warehouse at Mt. Victor

Located at 2539 Mt. Victor Ln., this venue has started showcasing some of Nashville’s best talent in recent months. Seating nearly 450, the Warehouse has featured artists like Chris Knight and Hayes Carll in 2012. Alternative country artists Mary Gautier and James McMurtry will play in the coming months. Check out their website here:

4. The Manor.

The Manor, located at 1203 Chestnut St, is a house venue that has become known for its electric atmosphere. Shows are played in the basement of the house and atmosphere of the shows tend to be very intimate and fun. From bands like Cage the Elephant and Sleeper Agent to up-and-comers, this venue has and continues to display some of Bowling Green’s best talent.

5. SKyPac

SKyPAC, opening in March 2012, is the newest addition to downtown Bowling Green. Featuring seating for 1,600 people, the center will house its first performance March 10, 2012 when country artist Lee Ann Rimes christens the stage. Check out SKyPAC’s website here:

6. The Twisted Tap

The Twisted Tap is one of Bowling Green’s newest venues. Opened in late 2011, the Gastropub features music nearly every night of the week. Local talent as well as other artists from around the country have played this venue and looks to be an exciting venue in the coming future. Check out their website for upcoming shows and specials here:


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