Sleeper Agent unveils latest music video

Bowling Green rockers Sleeper Agent released their second music video off of Celebrasion, “Get Burned,” on Feb. 8.

The video, featuring men in bunny suits, an Alice in Wonderland-esque tea-party and some cult-like head shaking, was directed by fellow Bowling Green native and Cage the Elephant frontman Matt Shultz.

“Get Burned,” is the second single off of the band’s debut album Celebrasion. The song is an infectious power-pop ballad about the conflicts that commonly arise in a friendship. The strong riffs and explosive energy displayed in the song are a major part of the band’s sound and a huge reason why they were thrown into the public eye.

Check out the “Get Burned” video here:

Intrigued by the video and new to Sleeper Agent? Check out their Facebook band page, which has reached nearly 12,000 likes, here:

Watch Sleeper Agent’s first music video for “Get it Daddy” here:


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